Hi, I’m Jim McNerney…and this is exactly the work I am meant to do!

I’m a Certified Positive Psychology Coach offering Health Coaching, Career Coaching, and Life Coaching. If you’re ready to make significant and lasting changes in your health or career, or pursue a meaningful goal in another area of your life, I believe you’ll find that I have the specialized expertise, relevant experience, and commitment to your success to help you achieve your goals – even if those goals aren’t crystal clear to you just yet.

Why I became a Coach

Prior to becoming a coach, I was an IT Software Developer. Most of my IT career was spent working as a contractor at many large corporations in Massachusetts and Connecticut, including several in the Fortune 100. Although the work paid well, it always left me feeling completely empty.

I eventually KNEW that I had to transition into a career where I could serve others in a way that makes a positive difference in their lives. That’s why I became a coach. I now get to help others achieve their dreams and goals. This work is very meaningful to me and it fulfills my Life Purpose!

My Coach Training

As a testament to my love of learning, I pursued coach training from several highly regarded organizations. I am fully certified in Health Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Mind-Body Eating Coaching, Positive Psychology Coaching and Business Coaching. I’ve also earned a number of certifications in Nutrition and Personal Training.

My coaching practice draws on my knowledge and experience in all of these areas. I’ve found that regardless of what a client and I are working on together, we always tap into my expertise in Positive Psychology, a research-based branch of psychology that studies the nature and causes of genuine happiness and success.

My Coaching Philosophy

I’ve found that at the core, every meaningful goal my clients pursue is ultimately about their desire to become happier, more personally fulfilled, and to have more energy and freedom to enjoy their lives to the fullest!

We can work together to help you achieve your goals and reach your highest aspirations.